Shotokan-Karate-Dojo Kusunoki e.V. Seelow


Dojo of classical Karate-Do and Kobudo
Member of the Budo Studien Kreis
Shotokan Karate Dojo "Kusunoki" e.V. Seelow
c/o Thomas Heinze
Birkenweg 15
D-15306 Seelow
Tel.: ++49 - (0)176 - 22 35 82 48


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Shotokan-Karate-Dojo "Kusunoki" 

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Karate - Kata 

Articles about Karate und Kobudo

The history of Kata
The Taikyoku-Kata
The Heian-/Pinan-Kata
The Tekki-/Naihanchi-Kata
The Bassai-/Passai-Kata
The Kanku-/Kushanku-Kata
Kyushojutsu - The art of stimulating cavities
The fight for the name Japan Karate Association
A Budo fairy-tale
What is Kihon ?

Karate ryu's

Zen & Budo-Stories

further sources of Informations 

Informations about Karate-Styles

American Kenpo Karate
Goju - Ryu 
Kyokushin Karate
Uechi ryu

other styles (overview)
A cup of tea
Really ?

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Discussions about Budo (new)

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Shotokan-Kempo-Karate-Dojo "Kusunoki"
actual informations
what are we teaching
some photos
Who was Kusunoki Masashige

Homepage des Budo Studien Kreis

Homepage of the Budo Studien Kreis

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