KASE TAIJI (1929-2004)

  Kase Taiji (1929-2004)

Kase Taiji was born on the 9th of February 1929. At the age of six he started Judo, where he got the 2nd Dan in 1944. The same year he began training in the original Shotokan Dojo Karate and his teacher were FUNAKOSHI GICHIN and FUNAKOSHI YOSHITAKA. It was the first time for him when he heard something about Karate as he read the book „Karate-Do Kyohan“ from Funakoshi.
For a while he trained both martial arts, but he stopped Judo a short time before his examination of the 3rd Dan in favour of Karate. Sometimes he trained Aikido and his masters were UESHIBA MORIHEI and INOUE NORIAKI (EGAMI SHIGERU's teacher of Aikido)

As he was 16 years old he joined military to become kamikaze-pilot. Shortly before he should went on, the war was over.

Later he studied and did his doctorate (1951) at the Sanshu-University, where he was taught Karate by HIRONISHI GENSHIN.
In 1946 he got the 1st and in 1949 the 3rd Dan.

1964 und 1965 he was the leader of the JKA-Instructor course. He followed the JKA to work for the spreading of Karate.
In these years Kase visited other countries to spread Karate, for example in South Africa in 1964.
From 1966 on he taught in many different countries and after all he stayed in France, from where he starts the journeys to other countries. There he had to fight as comparison with other Karateka from France, but he ever won.

From 1986 on he went own ways. For him the history of Karate is divided into three phases: the Okinawan phase, the Japanese phase and the Yoshitaka phase. He wanted to revive the Karate of Funakoshi Yoshitaka.
For this purpose he founded an association, the World Karate Shotokan Academy (WKSA), where he taught Karate in form of Yoshitaka.

One thing he taught very often was the training of Kata and to do the Kata backwards.

On the 31th of Mai in 1999 he suffered from a cardiac infarct. From that he never really recovered. In spite of the warning of the Doctors he did not give up the Karate, but he went on teaching like Funakoshi Yoshitaka and Egami Shigeru.
Until his death on the 4th of November 2004 he taught in Europe and dedicated most of his life to the art.

Books from Taiji Kase: 18 Kata Superieurs

Rincón, Martín Fernándes (2000): Taiji Kase – Auf der Spur eines Meisters (link)



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