Oshima Tsutomu

On August 6th 1930 born Oshima Tsutomu practiced since the earliest youth different combat arts.  Since he was five years old he practiced Sumo till he was 15.  He practiced Kendo from 8 to 15 years, judo at the age from 9 to 13.

Oshima Tsutomu was one of the last closer pupils of Funakoshi Gichin.  He learned Karate with him from 1948 to 1953.  At the same time he trained also with the Sempeis of the Shotokan Egami, Hironishi and Noguchi at the Waseda university, where he was a captain of the university crew. 1953 received he the 3.Dan with the best note, which was attainable.

Also Oshima was member of the JKA, at least until 1955, when Obata left the JKA.  Out-thrown out of the JKA in this year Oshima  and in such a way went it its to own way.

His target were the USA and because of that Oshima is the really first person who has widen Karate in the USA. He established a Dojo in the Konko Shinto temple in Los Angeles and created the South California Karate Association in 1956.  He was also the founder of the first university Karate club.  1959 he created the Southern California Karate Association (SCKA), which was renamed in Shotokan Karate if America (SKA) in 1969 .

In the year 1960, when serious differences between Nakayama and Nishiyama araised, Nishiyama went to LA, in order to train there on invitation of Oshima in his Dojo.  When Oshima left the states some time later, Nishiyama took over training and began to out-pass on Oshima.  He reached JKA Karate and explained Oshimas (Egamis) Karate for outdated.  Short time later Nishiyama created his own Dojo and took away some of Oshimas pupils.

When Oshima returned 1963, he took over again the line of the Dojos.

Oshima Tsutomu translated the book Funakoshis " Karate Do Kyohan " ("The Shotokan Bible ") into English and contributed thereby much to the spreading of Karate in the world.

Oshima was a pupil of Egami and thus the real Uchi Deshi of Shotokan Karate.

He received in 1955 from Funakoshi Gichin the 5th Dan and he doesnt want since then no higher Dan.

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